Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Newspaper Recovery Classified Stimulus Act of 2009: Coming Soon?

Ken Doctor writes:

We've seen lots of wry, earnest and soul-searching comments about whether newspapers should get in line for federal bailouts, since all other pillars of society seem to be stretching their hands out.

Most, I think, are missing the point. The bailout is on the way. Thankfully, it's not coming in the form of direct federal payment to newspapers. It's coming in the largest stimulus package in US history. $100 billion, are you kidding? $300 billion? How about $500 or $700 billion? That stimulus, combined with other economic recovery programs, gives newspaper companies a new shot at getting some growth in 2009.

We could even think of it as the Newspaper Recovery Classified Stimulus Act of 2009.

Think about it. What are three top sectors targeted by the NRCSA?

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