Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Newspaper Is Ready for Its Closeup

Michael Cavna writes:

Whenever I see a newspaper making a cameo within the funnies of my actual print newspaper, there seems to be a reflective quaintness about it all: An inky character who still values getting some of his news by reading inky characters.

That, and the fact that newspapers -- like film-noir smokes and old-school "Calvin & Hobbes" TV sets -- make for great visual props.

As such, it is affirming when newspapers pop up in the comics -- and not only because a goodly part of my paycheck still depends on the sales of the print product. A cartoon character reading a pape is like the made-it-big actor or athlete who remembers his roots, paying homage to that which birthed him.

Thankfully, today's toons are populated with characters who haven't forgotten where they came from.

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