Monday, December 1, 2008


Employees at the Mercury News are bracing for more layoffs in the near future. That was the word from the newspaper's publisher in a memo last week to his staff.

Citing a challenging business climate, publisher Mac Tully said future layoffs were "inevitable" and that the job cuts could come at the beginning of the calendar year. The memo also revealed that the Merc has brought in an efficiency expert to help identify other potential cost cuts at the local newspaper.

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Anonymous said...

"Expected" is an understatement. The Merc started laying off staff members in 2006 wildly and never gave a damn about the effect on the paper. It's now a sad shell of its former self. That's a testament to the paper's shoddy management, starting at the top with Dean Singleton and all the middle managers who have kissed his butt since he told MN staff members to their faces he wouldn't lay anyone off.