Sunday, December 7, 2008

Keep up with The Times: Big changes coming Monday

David Boardman, Seattle Times executive editor, writes:

I love a parade. So I was tickled to be actually walking in one, the Macy's Holiday Parade in downtown Seattle, on the morning after Thanksgiving. But as six Seattle Times columnists and I strapped on newspaper-delivery bags filled with candy canes for kids, I also was anxious about the reception we might get as we marched behind a Times banner.

Bashing the "mainstream media" has become a national sport, and I knew we could be the target of verbal barbs, leftover turkey legs, or worse. Would the day-old pumpkin pie be pushed into my face by a Republican furious that our editorial page had endorsed Obama for president, or a Democrat livid that that page had supported Rossi for governor? (As executive editor over our news operation, by the way, I had nothing to do with either.)

So it was to my surprise and relief that as we paraded down Fourth Avenue, we were cheered and applauded. In my favorite moment, a man yelled out, "Please stay in business!"

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