Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Journalists Caught in Lay-Off Frenzy Offered Tips From Publicist Scott Lorenz

In discussions with my many media contacts, I advise them to be prepared for the worst and to be proactive while still working. If a reporter, writer or editor does end up getting laid off one of the most important assets they will want to use in finding a new job is their PR contacts. Yes, that’s right; the same people who send you press releases may be able to assist you in finding new work or a freelance gig.

The publicists you deal with on a regular basis may be in the best position to help you, and will want to help you. As for new jobs, I don’t have to tell you journalism jobs are scarce so don’t rule out coming over to the “dark side” by becoming a publicist either… it’s not all that bad!

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