Monday, December 8, 2008

Gannett layoffs inspire holiday classic rewrite

Blogger Rex Noseworthy writes:

Corporate America doesn’t seem to know it is the holiday season, and Nashville’s daily newspaper is no exception.

The body count from Gannett’s massive layoffs last week was extensive. The mood around Nashville newsrooms, especially The Tennessean’s — where 23 editorial jobs were lost — was somber to say the least.

Still, Rex found one anonymous blogger who tried to elicit a few smiles at the expense of Gannett Corporation Chairman Craig A. Dubow, and trust me, there’s nothing better to raise journalistic spirits than by slamming corporate bosses.

Borrowing from the holiday classic, “Winter Wonderland,” came this ditty:

“Death knells ring, are you listenin'? Those let go, are a' bristlin'.

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