Friday, December 26, 2008

Dutch Parliament Tries to Save Country’s Newspapers

Plans were unveiled by the Dutch Parliament last week to investigate what can be done to save the country’s troubled newspaper industry. Dutch newspapers have experienced financial trouble due to decreased sales in recent years, and the current recession is exacerbating matters.

Decreased sales, the recession, and Internet competition, have led to fewer advertisers for print papers. Some of the leading newspapers in the country have been forced to layoff up to 5 percent of their employees.

Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Ronald Plasterk, have together with the Dutch Parliament announced that a commission will be initiated within three weeks, to investigate the issues that newspapers are facing. The commission will specifically look at how newspapers can become more profitable through innovation projects, and look at future perspectives of the news sector in Holland. Up to 8 million euro will be made available, the Minister said.

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