Saturday, December 27, 2008


Mar-Vic Caguranga writes:

“What is cheap,” amNew York columnists Ellis Heican writes, “is some self-absorbed nitwit sitting in front of a computer in his bathrobe, stealing the facts that some hardworking, lowly-paid newspaper drone just spent hours collecting.

“The bathrobe boy tosses off a condescending comment or two about those stolen facts, throwing a few dismissive pokes at the fact-chasing newspaper dinosaur who did all the grunt work of discovery.”

The bloggers—unfairly referred to as “citizen journalists”—proclaim themselves as “The Future.”

Maybe they are. But the speed at which the newspaper business in the United States, or anywhere else, declines will leave a hole in the media landscape that will be hard to fill.

“The Blackberry is of limited utility,” writes Richard Cohen of the Washington Post. “You cannot have a hearty family breakfast with everyone gathered around the Blackberry.”

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