Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Consultancy Warns Of 'A Terrible Outlook For Ad Revenues' As The Detroit Newspapers Announce Retrenching

Newspapers this year have steadily cut back distribution areas to save delivery costs and the like, but now the Detroit newspapers have taken it one step further by eliminating total home delivery four days a week although digital versions and newsstand copies will be published seven days a week. Well, that’s certainly one way to save on newsprint!

One has to figure the Detroit Media Partnership that prints the Detroit Free Press (Gannett) and the Detroit News (MediaNews) has done its math and figured this is the way forward (what their PR announcement didn’t say is that they’re also asking the unions for a 9% reduction in the workforce). These are major newspapers we’re talking about – The Free Press has a circulation of 298,000 while The News has a circulation of 178,000.

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