Friday, December 26, 2008

Black, white and dead all over

Derrick Sobodash writes:

Forty years ago, a newspaper was one of the most lucrative businesses to own. What has happened the last year, and will happen next year, is something that should stun any reader.

When I started college, my initial major was computer engineering. It wasn’t because I liked systems or had any desire to design them—it was because I liked video games and had a wild idea that I would make them. Of course, school teaches more about the study of computer programming than how to actually do it … but that’s another topic.

Even in 2000 it was obvious the IT jobs were doomed to shift to India. Sure, there are still people working in the IT field in the US, but they are a shrinking population.

I changed to journalism because it was a job that could not be outsourced.

Or so I thought.

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