Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bild announces staff increase of 82 million

It weighs 86g, has just four buttons and is no bigger than a mobile phone. And under a deal secured between the German tabloid Bild and the discount supermarket Lidl, the simple-to-use digital camera is available while stocks last for just £61. If the editor of Bild has his way, the Creative Vado - which comes emblazoned with the newspaper's logo - is set to create a "media evolution".

Diekmann is encouraging Bild readers to buy the gadget in the hope that it will nurture a new generation of citizen video journalists - the camera shoots video as well as stills - who will use it to collect material and upload it directly to a special desk of content editors.

The scheme comes on the back of a highly successful two-year "volksjournalismus" (people's journalism) project in which readers have been encouraged to send in their pictures, with payment of €500 for each one published.

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