Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bellingham Herald may cease publishing

Our daily newspaper may cease to exist within a few weeks.. It may be sold to any of 5 or 6 other companies and be continued as a daily or perhaps a semiweekly or weekly. If no one buys then it may just end. That has happened to other papers and other cities. On July 8, I posted an article about McClatchy's pending demise. You haven't read about this in the Herald. Understandably, they are probably petrified over this.

McClatchy is failing because the board of directors made some bad decisions. They paid too much for other failing newspapers. And they, along with virtually every newspaper owner in the country, have failed to find a new business model for daily newspapers. The old model, good for over 100 years, is in tatters. Dysfunctional. Useless.

Within a week or two, we should learn that McClatchy has sold the Herald building to a local developer.

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