Saturday, November 22, 2008

Virginian-Pilot cuts 125 jobs, plans to reduce paper's size

Plagued by advertising declines, The Virginian-Pilot is cutting at least 125 positions - or 10 percent of a 1,260-person work force - mostly through layoffs and shutting affiliated publications, publisher Maurice Jones said Friday.

Cost-cutting measures, triggered by the sputtering economy, will include:

- Shutting Link, a free daily newspaper geared to 18- to 34-year-olds.

- Reducing the size of the newspaper by at least 40 pages a week, or 8 percent.

- Eliminating the business section, including stock listings, every day but Sunday.

The Pilot newsroom will lose 15 employees, with a combined 297 years of service, editor Denis Finley said. Some, he said, wanted to leave the newspaper. In addition, two open positions will be dropped. That will put the newsroom staff at 193 - 22 percent smaller than its size of 248 in January 2007.

Most of the 15 are editors and managers, Finley said. "One of the goals," he said, "was to keep as many reporters on the street as possible."

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