Monday, November 24, 2008

USA Today to cut about 20 newsroom jobs

The nation's largest newspaper, USA Today, said it will eliminate about 20 newsroom jobs next month to cut costs during the weak economy.

USA Today Editor Ken Paulson told staff in a memo Sunday evening that "we're facing unprecedented economic challenges and we have to cut spending."

The cuts result in a reduction of nearly 5 percent from a newsroom that the company said now employs about 450 people.

The cuts come a year after USA Today shed about 45 newsroom positions through a buyout last November — and just a month after parent company Gannett Co. conducted the second round of layoffs for the year at its other properties across the country.

Affected employees will not be offered buyouts this time but will be eligible for a week of severance for every year of employment, up to 26 weeks.

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