Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Newspapers face tough time, aren't going anywhere

Eric Weddle writes:

"So, are you going to lose your job?"

During the past few weeks I've been tossed that question an awful lot while out reporting or having a late night drink.

The common knowledge is last month Gannett Co., the owner of the Journal & Courier, announced it would lay off 10 percent of staff at its local newspapers. So that means us -- or at least some of us (or them) -- will get a pink slip soon, as the company attempts to reduce costs because of this nasty economic mountain the country is sliding down.

Here in the newsroom, some of us reporters talk about the impending cuts and make jokes how the other could be on the chopping block to, you know, lighten the mood.

But underneath the worry of losing your job and benefits is the greater uncertainty of where does this leave journalism?

And why did I wait until now to jump back on this train?

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