Sunday, November 16, 2008

Murdoch blasts 'obsolete' attitudes in newspaper industry

Rupert Murdoch on Sunday dismissed the suggestion that newspapers are a dying breed, but the global medial mogul said the ideas of some editors and journalists were obsolete in the digital age.

The Australian-born Murdoch, whose News Corp empire includes The Times in Britain and the Wall Street Journal, said media companies, like other businesses, faced new competition from the Internet.

But while other industries saw the web as a potential boon, "among our journalistic friends are some misguided cynics who are too busy writing their own obituary to be excited by the opportunity."

"Unlike the doom-and-gloomers, I believe that newspapers will reach new heights," Murdoch said in an address carried by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The veteran newsman said that people were hungrier for information than ever before, and that newspapers could provide a trusted source of information amid the clatter of competing voices.

"The newspaper, or a very close electronic cousin, will always be around," he said.

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