Friday, November 21, 2008

Just try wrapping fish with your Compaq

Samantha Bennett writes:

Anyone else having trouble getting in the mood for the big holiday feast? If you've been reading newspapers lately ... well, you're probably going to have to find another hobby. Two papers closing in Connecticut, buyouts in Newark, layoffs threatened in Cleveland and buyouts offered to half the newsroom here at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. What are people who lose their homes going to sleep in?

I was in Washington the day after the election, and I saw something I couldn't understand: People lined up around the block to get into a hole-in-the-wall newsstand. I was baffled. What was the draw -- free lottery tickets? Booze? Bailouts?

No! People were lined up to buy newspapers, the old-fashioned dead-tree ink-all-over-your-hands please-recycle edition of The Washington Post. Newsstands all over the city were selling out. I was stunned.

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