Saturday, November 22, 2008

Is Six Apart's 'TypePad Journalist Bailout Program' a Gimmick?

The vultures are circling. What was once a small trickle of layoffs at major newspapers has become a waterfall of lost jobs within the media business. One can almost picture the Poynter Institute's widely read journalism industry blog Romenesko sauntering up to Time Inc. and Conde Nast and screaming, "Bring out your dead!"

But one advertising and blogging company is seeing opportunity in the storm of bad news, devising a method to "bail out" some of these journalists and use their skills for profit. Anil Dash, vice president of Six Apart, owner of blogging platforms Moveable Type and TypePad, has watched this ticker-tape of layoff announcements with growing concern. A few weeks ago, Dash and others within Six Apart began talking about what they could do to help fellow journalists fallen on hard times. On a lark, Dash posted a somewhat tongue-in-cheek item called, "The TypePad Journalist Bailout Program" on the TypePad site.

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