Thursday, November 27, 2008

Googleopoly darkens future of innovation

No one can deny the revolutionary contributions Google has made to the Internet since its origins in a Stanford dorm room 10 years ago. Yet, like any business that grows too big and powerful, Google has become full of itself, arguing that what’s good for Google is good for America. However, consumer groups and advertiser customers overwhelmingly disagree.

Opposition to the Google-Yahoo deal was strong: The Center for Digital Democracy and US Public Interest Research Group opposed the Google-Yahoo ad partnership. Industry groups including the Association of National Advertisers, The World Association of Newspapers, the World Federation of Advertisers and the International Advertising Association also told law enforcers to block the collusion. They, like the Justice Department, all agreed: Google simply has too much power to let it collude with even a marginalized competitor that has less than one third its market share.

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