Monday, November 17, 2008

Are newspaper layoffs repeating the history of other failed industries?

Eric Deggans writes:

It's always nice to get name checked in a bigshot writer's column. And yesterday's reference by New York Times media writer David Carr to this humble space was a surprising and welcome bit of attention to the still-depressing layoff of 18 journalists at the Tampa Tribune last week.

Carr quoted one of many comments posted here last week from a frustrated reader promising to drop his Tribune subscription upon learning valued voices such as Dan Ruth, Phil Morgan and Rosemary Goudreau had been shown the door.

Comparing the layoffs and similar moves at Sam Zell's Tribune Co. newspapers to now bankrupt retailer Circuit City's 2007 plan to save money by firing its best employees, Carr concluded newspapers "won't stay relevant to readers with generic content ginned up by newbies with no background in the communities they serve."

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