Sunday, May 20, 2007

More outsourcing on the way: blogger

Alan Mutter says to be prepared for more outsourcing at newspapers. Even after severance pay to current staff, a publisher stands to save money on that position about 12 months later by having an overseas employee do the work. Mutter also notes more regional copy desks, such as those being implemented by APN News in New Zealand and Osprey Media in Canada, are also possible.

After nipping and tucking headcount in newsrooms over the last few years, publishers appear to be poised to eliminate a significantly greater number of jobs in their plants by focusing on areas that previously were immune to cutbacks.

The initiative likely to claim the largest number of positions in the near future is the outsourcing of advertising composition to places like India and other low-wage countries.

In light of the apparent success of a pilot ad-outsource program at the Media News Group properties in Northern California, publishers like Gannett, McClatchy, the New York Times Co. and Scripps are considering whether they, too, should export such duties to offshore vendors, according to insiders familiar with the discussions.

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